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Ovelix Ottoman

Item# MIC-1038-OTTOMAN
Your Price : $395.00
While you may love Smores you dont want to sandwich this baby between a piece of chocolate and a graham cracker. It would be a perfectly good waste of a sumptuous, scintillating ottoman experience. With its tufted leather exterior and marshmallow-esque appearance, this ottoman really makes a fashion statement. Sure, its also great for resting your feet or adding some extra seating to a room. But it also tells everyone how hip and forward thinking you are. No need to add any embellishments, unless of course, you have a matching brown comforter with the Hershey logo on it.

Item# MIC-1038-OTTOMAN

-Hand made solid reinforced hard-wood Birch frame with interlocking joists. -High density high resiliency polyurethane foam is used for the cushion. -Tasteful, impeccably tailored fabric or leather upholstery comes in the color of your choice. -Tufted with glass crystal buttons.

Size: Ã 19.7 x H 19.7
Selected Color:
Light Khaki

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