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9 Things to Include on Your Wedding Registry

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9 Furniture Pieces to Include on Your Wedding Registry

When a couple is just starting out, the idea of playing house is fun and romantic. Most brides and grooms do not have the key pieces to decorate around for a new home, and should consider including some of the items on their wedding registry. Weve compiled nine ideas for furniture pieces to include.


While this may seem a bit frivolous, a luminous overhead light fixture will create a statement in a room. Chandeliers are personal touches for a room, creating an ambiance as well as a focal point. Dining areas and entries are the most common areas, with this gift being a constant reminder of the thoughtful person that gave it to the bride and groom.

For a more modern space, register for something that has some glitz and glamour crystals never go out of style!

Furniture for Outdoor Areas.

Outdoor living is an important trend that has become more mainstream. Families are spending more time entertaining outdoors, and a great wedding registry gift would be a fire pit.

Seating for around the fire pit is also an idea, as newlyweds will spend countless hours lounging around it.


The master bedroom or guest room will seem a bit empty without a great headboard to anchor it. Decorative metal or wood are the likely options, in the popular darker tones. Upholstered headboards are also a great new trend, providing color and comfort to this room. Consider one in a neutral texture, subtle pattern, or leather for a long lasting effect, one that makes it easy to change up bedding and accents.

Dining Tables and Chairs.

This extravagant wedding registry gift will be one that is treasured for a long time. Dining sets are typically the most expensive purchase a couple will make, but this could be a perfect gift that a number of family members or friends go in on. Look for comfortable chairs and a table that can be dressed up or down.


This is another big ticket item that friends can go in on. The right sofa in a more neutral texture or leather will provide a great base to build on in a family room.

Consider a transitional style that will work well with a number of different looks, especially if the couple is starting from scratch.

Coffee Table or Ottoman.

Another great staple for a room, a coffee table or oversized ottoman will anchor the pieces, and help pull the room together.


Everyone needs book storage, and finding the right bookcase is not always easy. Any new couple will be thrilled to receive bookshelves, especially when they can be personalized with books, art, and accessories.

TV Stands/Media storage.

The new flat screen TVs still need storage for DVDs and media equipment. A low console storage unit can double as a buffet if necessary. Look for styles that combine doors and drawers to keep the area looking tidier.

Table Lamps.

This is a perfect smaller gift to register for. Lighting is an important necessity in a well decorated home, and finding the right lamp is not always easy.
All of the aforementioned pieces should be basic enough for the newlyweds to build a home around. Sizes should be considered in addition to the style, especially if the couple plans to move around. Basic home furnishings are sort of like a wardrobe these are the must have pieces that the rest builds upon. Newlyweds will want to personalize the rest of the home with rugs, art, and accessories to add color and zip.