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Achieving Feng Shui in an Apartment or Condo

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Feng Shui
in an apartment
or condo

With a history that extends back 3,500 years Ė long before apartments or condos were ever conceived by savvy developers Ė Feng Shui seems like an unlikely candidate for reinvigorating and re-energizing your domicile.


Granted, apartments and condos have gotten something of a bum rap about being a bastion of negative energy because you canít control any aspect of the building or the land around it. But even if you canít do anything about the outside, you can do a lot with the inside of your home, and achieve a sense of Feng Shui in the process.

The best option is to focus on the methods that utilize the compass, such as Flying Star Feng Shui or the Eight Mansions formula. This will allow you to apply the principles on a smaller scale so you donít have to factor in elements that are entirely out of control, such as the footprint of the building.

The ďfacingĒ direction of the home is the most important part. It will help you determine the chart that is relevant for the building as well as individual apartments. The facing side isnít always the obvious one either. For instance, your front door may be on the opposite side of the facing side when youíre working with Feng Shui.

What if you donít have a compass? Or canít control the direction the building is facing? Can you still use Feng Shui to execute a redo of your interior? The answer is yes.

There are still other ways to figure out the facing of an apartment or condo. Many experts suggest that the facing is the entire block the building is built on, so direction is determined by the location of the more open side. In this case, the facing is usually the yang side or the side with the street address.


The facing can also be the side with more windowsÖ the brighter side if you will. The other side of the building is then called the ďsittingĒ side. If you live above the ninth floor, you donít have to worry about the facing, by the way.

Once you know where the facing is, you can adapt one of the compass methods to create a Feng Shui environment. For example, Flying Star Feng Shui is a potent method that allows you to determine the luck sectors within the building and the individual apartments or condos. Smilarly, the Eight Mansions formula is effective for arranging your furniture so that you can sleep and sit in the most auspitious directions in the dwelling.


The great thing about Feng Shui is that the individual charts can be superimposed over the space, whether itís the entire apartment or condo or a single room within it.

Of course, you can expand the concept to cover whole cities, countries and even the universe.

But letís focus on your own personal universe Ė your apartment or condo instead.

Letís use an example. Letís say you overlay your chart over the room layout and decide you want to activate the Southwest corner, which is for romance luck.

As you begin to overlay the charts on the room layout, you will begin to see how the different areas of the apartment or the individual room can be arranged to maximize the different types of energy youíre trying to attract in your life.

Of course, there are limitations. You canít just knock out a wall or make wholesale changes to the space that affects your neighbors and the walls or hallways you share.

But with a little ingenuity and the right chart, you can be well on your way to creating a home that is not only pleasant to be in, but one that draws the right energies to enhance your life in many new and exciting ways.