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Bedroom Furniture- Creating your own personal retreat

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Bedroom Furniture -
Creating your own personal retreat

No matter how large your home is, your
bedroom is your personal space. Few people are ever invited into this inner sanctum, a place where you rightfully spend a lot of “me” time. It is here that you find time to catch up on your reading, listen to your favorite music and, of course, catch some Z’s.

If your
bedroom furniture is uncomfortable, you will be too. The same can be said if it’s uninviting, disorganized or simply contains a mish mash of hand me down furniture that doesn’t match and perhaps has seen better days.

Redoing your bedroom may be the last thing on your mind. Remember, though, you spend at least one-third of your life in this room and its design,
bedroom furnishings and accessories are key to making those eight hours or more a day pleasant, restful and enjoyable.
Of course, your bed is the most important part in your selection of bedroom furniture. This is the one place where you don’t want to cut
corners. You want a frame that is well made, stylish and which reflects your own tastes. The

mattress should be top quality. This is not to say that you should spend a fortune on the most expensive mattress out there. Rather, you should spend enough money to get the mattress that welcomes you in its arms and helps you drift off to sleep. You’ll endlessly curse a cheap mattress the first day you’re down with the flu and need to spend several days in your bed.
Of course, there comes a time when you may want a special person to share this room with you. Will they walk into a House of Horrors? Or will they walk into a romantic, inviting retreat that makes a
statement about who you are as a person? This goes not only for the bed and its linens, but the dressers, armoires, nightstands, décor and lighting. Everything needs to work together and everything should promote the central theme you’re going for.
Themes? Why yes. No matter what your bedroom furniture tastes, you can create a theme that is elegant, sophisticated,
contemporary or romantic – the possibilities are endless. The style of bedroom furnishings, the colors of the linens and walls, the knickknacks on the tabletops – they all say something about you.

If you’re uncertain about decor, going with modern furniture is always a solid choice. The sleek lines, innovative use of materials and timeless design ensure that your room will look spacious, cohesive and cozy. Start with the bed and work your way outward to the storage pieces and nightstands. One of the great things about modern furniture is that it’s easy to mix and match colors, materials and finishes without worrying about making a fashion faux pas. Everything works well together and will help you create a room that you’ll look forward to being in for years to come.

Achieving tranquility in your bedroom

A bedroom is much more than a place to lay your weary head at night. It is meant to be a restive retreat, one that promotes relaxation and comfort.
For that reason, the interior of the bedroom often takes a different direction in terms of design and décor than the rest of the home. While other living spaces can exude energy and excitement – from the fabrics and
bedroom furnishings to the color of the walls -- the bedroom is meant for peace, quiet and tranquility. If you own your own home or if the landlord is gracious enough to allow you to paint over the white walls in your rental, do so. White is so stark and uninviting. It can work for the ceiling, if the walls are painted a deeper color. But white walls and white ceilings just come off looking sterile. Painting the walls is one of the least expensive remodels you can do. For less than $50, you can repaint the walls and trim in your bedroom. And if you end up not liking the color or want to change it down the road, it’s an easy weekend project.
If you want a romantic look, consider paint schemes that are soft, such a pink, peach or blue. Soft neutral tones, such as golds, caramel
and linen, can give the room a warm, soothing look. Contrary to popular belief, darker tones actually make a room look larger, not smaller.

Once you have the color of the walls to your liking, move onto the bedding. Hopefully, you already have bedroom furniture that are stylish and which reflect your personal tastes. The bedding should not only match the style of the furniture, but also complement the colors used on the walls. This includes the sheets, blankets, comforter and pillows. Accent pillows make a nice addition to the bed; don’t forget them as they add a nice detail.
Speaking of detail, you want the room to be friendly and appealing. Make sure you add some of your favorite art to the walls, photographs of family, friends and memories on the dressers and nightstands, some vases or sculpture and finally, some good lighting that is adjustable to set any mood you want.

Rearranging your bedroom furniture can also give the room an entirely new look. Beds don’t always have to be centered against a wall. They can be moved out into the room or put at an angle between two walls. Play with the feng-shui of the space until it feels right to you. Once you have the ideal arrangement, see if all the other bedroom furnishings fit the space. You may want to move a piece to another room and add a full-length mirror instead. It can make the room seem larger.

Just remember. A bedroom is supposed to be relaxing. If it’s not, change it around, redecorate and rearrange. It is one of the easiest makeovers you can do to your living space and will help you get a good night’s sleep in total comfort and tranquility.