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Creating a colorful, cohesive world

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A well-conceived and execute color scheme can enhance the beauty of your home. A poorly designed color scheme can make your home look like a three ring circus. All thatís missing is the clowns.

To make your home a beautiful place to live, focus on the colors you like and build a palette form there. Donít worry about color trends that come and go. The colors you choose should reflect your unique personality.
So where do you start? Begin with your own personal tastes. Thereís no point in painting your room Aztec gold or zinc chromate if you like blues. If you already like your furnishing, use their colors to build the palette. Find colors that complement and enhance the furnishings, drapes or artwork. If you donít have a favorite, look the nature. Flowers, the woods, streams and fields all have natural color schemes that can be integrated into your home.
Here are some decorating secrets from the experts:
  • Limit your choice of colors from two four in a room.
  • One color should dominate, the others should complement.
  • Use a color wheel that could handy for this. They are available in the paint departments of home improvement stores.
  • By repeating a color in a room more than once and not just in a section, a feeling of wholeness in achieved throughout the space.
  • Use bright colors if you want to create drama or if you want to make a large room feel more intimate.
  • Neutral colors such as tan or beige bring focus to the furniture, rather than the room. Connect adjoining rooms with the same dominant color and then change the secondary shades.
  • Architectural details or styles that are focal elements on a room, such as columns, a fireplace, wall openings and windows should be emphasized with strong color contrasts.
  • Never use strong contrast, color schemes in small rooms since it will make them seem smaller. Use preferably light palettes of white tones and try to keep a color consistency.
  • You can achieve to make a room appear larger, if you pick the color of your furniture same as your walls.
  • Consider using interesting textures or patterns when using single color schemes in a room. That is going to create mystery and drama in your space. Also do not hesitate to cover a whole wall with a white ripple fold curtain. It is a new trend that is used in many modern hotels and homes latterly.
  • When using color decide which elements of your home like emphasize with it. You should use it either on your furnishings or our walls never in both; otherwise there is a danger in creating a circus.
  • The best thing about color is that you can experiment endlessly. If you donít like your current furniture, you can redecorate your living spaces (living room, bedroom and dining room) with a new color palette that reflects your individual tastes and shops for furniture that complements the new dťcor. If you furniture still has some life to it and you like its color scheme, you can just change the room colors to match. Remember, paint is relatively cheap and can work wonders with a room. Just be sure to put some work into getting the palette right before you get started. Otherwise, those pesky clown come calling.