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How to organize the end of your bed

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How to organize the end of your bed

Todayís large master suites offer plenty of room for armoires, dressers and even chairs. But what do you do with that cavernous space at the end of your bed?

The answer is plenty. From a design perspective, the end of the bed begs to be softened with additional pieces. This is not only true with beds that are open on the end, but ones with footboards as well. It creates a visual barrier that disrupts the flow of the room.

Softening it doesnít have to be an expensive undertaking either. With a little creativity, even the simplest things can do wonders in this area of your bedroom.

Here are some ideas that work particularly well:
TV cabinet. This is a newest ďthingĒ to have for the bedroom. By day, itís an ordinary bench. At night, you click a remote control and a flat-screen TV pops up so you can watch Letterman before slipping off to dreamland.
A table. A small round or oblong table will fit the space nicely. Pick out a tablecloth for it that is floor length and which complements the dťcor of the room. If you have a little extra space, add a small bistro style chair to complete the look. Donít use a square table. It just extends the edge of the bed visually and does nothing to soften the space.
A bench. Benches are great for storing extra blankets, pillows or seasonal items. Itís also a great place to get dressed in the morning. You can put your socks and shoes on without waking anyone else up. You can go with a traditional wood bench or a large upholstered bench in a complementary fabric.
Loveseat. This is a terrific solution and so useful too. Be sure to select a loveseat that fits the size of bed you have. You donít want to be tripping over the edge of it if you need to get up in the middle of the night. Add a reading light and a cozy comforter for a nice retreat at the end of the day.
Pair of chairs. If you have a king sized bed, two chairs work well at the end of the bed. You can add a small reading lamp and an ottoman to create a cozy place to read. Itís almost like adding a new living space to your existing square footage if done well. Remember to select chairs that are scaled appropriately for the smaller area.
Writing Desk. While people arenít writing with pen and ink the way they used to, a small writing desk or secretary is a great place to store your laptop and catch up on your email before you go to sleep. Plus itís a tidy place to put your cell phone, keys, wallet and other personal items so you always know where they are. If you donít have a wireless network, you can run the connection under the bed and up to the back of the desk so it is virtually invisible.
A low dresser. There never seems to be enough storage in homes these days. A low dresser offers you additional space to store your clothing, particularly seasonal ware or intimate apparel. You can also consider a trunk or a wood chest as a good alternative. These provide the additional space you need while adding character to the room.
Wicker or iron furniture. Wicker and iron can create a nice visual contrast to the wood furniture in your room. You can even use it to create a small vignette. Add candles to the table, place a throw over one of the chairs and finish the scene with a fine porcelain cup and saucer, as if someone had just been enjoying a cup of tea to welcome the morning.

Bookshelf. If youíre an avid reader or just in love with the idea of reading, a bookshelf can be a nice addition to the end of your bed. Classics, leather bound editions and collectible works help dress up the room and soften the edge of your bed.

And there you have it Ė great ways to add visual interest to your room while softening the space that signals the end of your sleep space and the rest of the bedroom. Itís the ideal place to exercise your creativity and let your imagination run wild while adding some new features to your room that make it more romantic and more welcoming.