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Recycled tables are a beautiful addition to any green home, Go Green

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Eco recycle table KMP Furniture

As most homeowners know, there’s a huge interest in environmentally friendly home furnishings these days. These pieces for furniture are made from materials that are either sustainable or recyclable. 

Thankfully, manufacturers of fine furnishings have been quick to jump on the “go green” bandwagon and have begun to turn out a wide variety of tables that use recycled materials in the most innovative ways. 

If you think that a recycled table will look like a stack of aluminum beer cans, think again. These recycled tables are absolutely gorgeous and will look terrific in any home in America – even sprawling McMansions. 

Eco recycle table KMP Furniture
Great piece of furniture - KMP furniture

Best of all, these recycled tables reuse materials such as steel, aluminum, plastic jugs and old-growth woods that once ended up in landfills and dumps instead. Not only do you get a great piece of furniture, but you contribute to the environment at the same time, conserving precious natural resources, decreasing energy costs and reducing waste headed to landfills. 

If the thought of having furniture made from old plastic jugs, paper, cardboard or wood seems unsettling, then you haven’t done your homework recently. Some of the most beautiful and in-demand pieces of furniture out on the market today are actually made from these very materials and unless you check the labels and ask some questions of knowledgeable sales staff, you’d be hard pressed to tell. 

recycle wood tables - kmp furniture

Even wood tables can be recycled these days.

Wood retrieved from turn of the century structures such as pioneer homesteads and barns make lovely furnishings.

Not only do they use recycled materials, but they offer discerning homeowners old-world charm that is nearly impossible to find these days.  

Surprisingly, laminated tables and plywood tables can also be considered green, if they were bonded with nontoxic, formaldehyde-free adhesives.

New wood can also be eco-friendly, if it was certified by the Forest Stewardship Council that it came from managed forests that don’t deplete our natural resources. If you’re not sure about the furniture you’re looking at, check the labels to see if it is FSC certified wood. 

carboard table - kmp furniture
FSC certified wood - KMP furniture

Once thing’s for sure. Recycled tables are here to stay and offer homeowners a beautiful, stylish option that is not only affordable and attractive, but environmentally friendly as well. 

Best of all, when you decide that the day has come to replace your recycled table with a new one, you can send it on its way, knowing that it can be recycled again into something new and exciting for others to enjoy.