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Setting the mood with colored lighting

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Setting the mood with colored lighting

Lighting in a room is such an afterthought. Homeowners spend thousands on modern furniture, only to leave them illuminated by stark, incandescent lighting that leaves them looking lifeless, flat and dull.
Thatís a shame, since lighting can influence us profoundly, evoking memories and emotions, creating specific sensations and altering our perception. They can also energize us with their vibrancy or calm us with their peaceful hue, depending on the color we choose.

According to the wise sages of color therapy and health, there are seven colors that affect us at different levels of our psyche, emotions and health.


Invigorating and energetic, red lighting can bring strength and vitality to an interior space. The color is perfect for rooms that are meant for social interaction. Red is rumored to be a powerful healing agent for those with blood and circulation issues and can counter depression. If you have high blood pressure or anxiety, stay away from red. It will only make things worse.

Orange is said to add cheer to your life and reduce irritability. It strengthens your appetite for life and on a health level can boost your immunity system and reduce the severity of digestive ailments. If youíre nervous or easily agitated, avoid the color orange and orange lighting. It will only ramp you up.

Long associated with intellect and clarity of the mind, yellow lightens a dull room, much like sunshine. You can even add some happiness to a dull room such as a utility room or a mudroom in your home with a yellow light. In terms of health, yellow light is supposed to help cure skin disorders.

Green is the color of balance and harmony. Indoors, it can have a cooling effect that recharges drained emotions. Green also helps relax the muscles and calms the nerves. And if youíre Irish or a graduate of Notre Dame, thereís no need to sell you on the joys of green.

Blue lighting creates an environment of serenity where harmony is king. Just donít go overboard on blue, since it can leave you feeling cold and depressed if there isnít balance between the cool blue and warmer tones. Blue is supposed to help reduce fevers and is supposedly good for burns.

The color of imagination and intuition, indigo lighting shows you are an out-of-the-box kind of person. Health wise, indigo can help clear a congested head and treat diseases of the ears, nose and eyes. Be careful to use indigo with care. Too much of a good thing will give you a headache and make you feel drowsy.

This is a great choice for any room where an artistic or creative mind needs to be encouraged. Believed to promote enlightenment and spiritual awakening for centuries, the color violet is also believed to soothe the organs and calm the nervous system.

As you can see, changing the color of your lighting can have as great effect on your rooms as changing the lighting fixtures. When redecorating your home, keep these colors in mind. Combine various colors to see what moods they create and control the energy, ambience and environment of any room in your home by bringing light Ė colored light Ė to it.