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Anshen + Allen Architects – Healthy Buildings

"Good design can transform lives." This is the motto of Anshen + Allen Architects. Seldom does one think of architectural design as having a rehabilitation element. Anshen + Allen are quickly changing that. Bon Anshen and Steve Allen founded Anshen + Allen in 1939. The San Francisco based firm has since become a renowned international architectural powerhouse. They specialize in delivering architectural masterpieces for health care, education and research organizations.

In their view, when designing architecture for a healthcare firm or a hospital, it is important to consider employee morale, staff retention and comfort of the work environment. Anshen + Allen keep patients, healthcare professionals, support staff and administrative workers in mind during the entire project life cycle. They believe a properly designed building can produce more productive people in a healthier environment.

One can learn more of their process in “Modernity in Healthcare and Learning.” This is the monograph recently published by the firm; it discusses their evolved philosophy from 1939 until today.
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The firm has made significant contributions through various strategies initiated by the UK government to reevaluate and remodel obsolete health and educational institutions. To do this, Anshen + Allen developed a strategic plan that encourages and embraces new technologies necessary for the betterment of culture and infrastructure. Their firm is the prominent founder of EDN (Education Design Network), and provides best practices to the UK government’s architecture remodeling program. Anshen + Allen have also worked with Cambridge University, Oxford, along with California and Boston in creating award-winning, efficient facilities.

Anshen + Allen are known for transforming complex projects into simple ones. Some of their highlighted works include; The Martinez Ambulatory Care facility in Martinez, California, The Octav Botnar Wing in London, England, and Laguna Honda Hospital currently in process in San Francisco, California. Health care firms, medical research organizations, colleges and universities greatly benefit from their fresh approach as more and more seek environmentally-friendly designers.

Their success is partly due to how quickly they adopt to new methodologies of building. They are “early adapters.” ArchiCAD BIM (building information modeling) software was recently used in revolutionizing run of the mill shipping containers into health clinics in Boston for one of the firm’s Clients, Containers to Clinics(C2C), a nonprofit organization.

This software helped the team overcome design challenges such as space, security, heat and hygiene in converting containers into clinics. The first clinic is scheduled for shipping to serve the people in Dominican Republic. These models will be very useful for those in need of medical facilities around the world.

Anshen + Allen excelled in designing Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Carl J. Shapiro Clinical Center, and the research/education building at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. This firm has established their presence in the Midwest by opening an office in Columbus, Ohio in 2007. This new branch won LEED silver certification in 2009 by the U.S. Green Building Council for designing and constructing energy efficient and high performance buildings.
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