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Berg Design Architects Traditional in a Modern Way

Berg Design Architects offers a little bit of everything to the residents of New York City, Bermuda, and beyond.

The company was opened by John Berg in 2001 and has developed a reputation for creating spaces that are as unique as the people who use them. Berg Design Architects specializes in the formation of personal spaces via home renovations, home design, interior design, and furniture design. One of the company's signature works is the Old Stone Highway house in East Hampton, New York.

The single-family residence, which was finished in 2007, was inspired by a barn built two centuries earlier. Berg Design Architects skillfully combine the traditional and the modern while creating homes with low environmental impact. The Old Stone Highway house features geothermal, radiant floors and is oriented to minimize solar impact during summer months.

Another major Berg Design project was the company's entry into the World Trade Center memorial design competition. The design calls for the creation of a walk-through part and a glass wall memorial engraved with the names of those who lost their lives in the 1993 and September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center.

Where the towers stood, the ground will be laced with passageways and steps, allowing visitors to rest and reflect on the site. At night, the glass will be illuminated as a beacon and a remembrance.

Berg Design Architects create beautiful glass projects. One of their premier pieces is a black walnut and glass coffee table designed specifically for collectors. The upper sheet of glass on the table slides from side to side to allow the collector to place their personal treasures in the protected area between the glass sheets.

Another table design from Berg Architects invokes impressions of Escher's work, by converting to the table legs underneath the glass top, creating the illusion of movement when one traces the lines of the legs.

The hallmark of Berg Design Architects is the willingness of the firm to work directly with its clients to achieve the special needs of the client, as well as award-winning architecture and design.
Another single-family residence in preconstruction design with the firm will feature a multilevel home designed on spokes around the kitchen. The planned construction also includes a landscape architecture for the acre plot, using the house itself to shield the pool and give the residents some privacy from the neighborhood.

Berg Design Architects is also willing to work creating interior design for smaller, preconstructed spaces. One recent project included the renovation of a small midtown Manhattan apartment which needed to be rehabilitated for its artist resident. Understanding the need for light in small spaces, the architects used translucent walls to offer privacy for the single bedroom without closing it off and making it seem smaller.
Taking into consideration that the renovation was for an artist, the architects converted a long hallway into a mini gallery including adjustable lights to properly display the hanging artwork.

Berg Design Architects are recognized for their minimalist style, and environmentally friendly construction techniques. Several projects have been award-winning for both ease of design, and eco-friendly construction. Though Berg's designs have been touted as ultramodern, much of his inspiration comes from the traditions and history of the surrounding region. For example, when he began working on homes in Bermuda, he took the whaling history of the region into account, creating Whalewatch. The planned neighborhood involved the coupling of ten different designs in specific patterns to maximize the ocean view for each property.
At South Whale Estate, also in Bermuda, the firm relied on the history and the objectives of the community, creating 11 homes with an attached apartment for each house. The apartment space was attached to the main house through an interior door so the space could be reclaimed as well.

Overall, Berg Design Architects emphasizes function as a dictatorial part of form and tries to conserve the space of the dwelling as well as the products used to construct it.