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  Imagine sitting down on top of two giant, plump lips painted with shiny red lipstick. Sounds inviting? Well, you can actually do this. Sort of. Designer Christian Von Ahn makes a comfortable beanbag that looks very similar to a woman’s lips. Can’t you see his sales just go up?

Von Ahn is unique. Like most talented designers, he has his own creative process. He creates by first familiarizing himself with the innate structure of the object. He is young and energetic with an organic approach to his design.

Born in 1970 in Wedel, Schleswig - Holstein, Germany, Christian Von Ahn graduated and completed his higher studies in the field of Interior & Industrial design from the Graphic arts secondary school in Hamburg. He started his own design office and studio, Ahn and Ahn in 1998.
Christian then formed a partnership with Ligne Roset, a famous brand known for combining creativity with solid designs and patterns. Their designs include; lightings, textiles and artifacts for living, dining, drawing, study and working room. Christian Von Ahn created a designer fruit bowl he called “Ohm.” He made it from brilliantly molded, polished Aluminum. Like his beanbag, there is nothing like it.

This beautifully crafted designer fruit bowl with a width of 130 mm, height of 30 mm and 50 mm depth is intended for city dwellers who want modern, contemporary products to grace their homes.
  Von Ahn then created a unique oil lamp that looks nothing like a typical lamp. Its minimalistic style fits any modern décor. The unique design elements include a flame which seems to have no source while floating above the metal surface. The oil is at the base of the chrome-plated lamp and seems invisible. Absolute genius. He has other fabulously designed suspension lamps with names like; Jellyfish, Octopuss, Nano and Loa.  
  Ahn’s designer furniture pieces are considered celebrities in their own right. Take the coffee table “STIX” made with 3 interlocked legs. It was designed for the Italy based manufacturer Jesse Spa. Just one look and you’ll know this is not your average regular coffee table. The table boasts a combination of matt, lacquer, dark walnut oak and glass. It looks like a piece from the planet Krypton.

Christian’s furniture pieces are all works of art. They could hang in any museum. His creative modular shower with a pluggable shower cabin won the Lucky Strike and Junior Design Award in 1997; the lighting system designed for Tobias Grau won the Zentrum award and the Design Innovation award for the year 1996 and 1997.
Christian von Ahn extends his creative reach from the living room to the corner café. City Sear is the astonishingly designed urban seating system for Inox. Abaton Bistro seats 130 and is located in Hamburg. Ahn designs have purity of mission while balancing the economy of space. At only 39, his artistry and imagination is unparalleled.