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Elliott Associates Architects

Following the Client

Every architectural firm has a distinct philosophy but Elliot Associates Architects view projects as a perfect balance of client personality, functionality, and practicality.

The team begins by discussing the project and then making an assessment on the appropriate solution. Instead of taking a cookie cutter approach, this team ensures every project is unique and customized to the client.

The success of Elliott Associates Architects depends on following through with their vision and taking responsibility along the way. To keep every project on schedule, within budget, and according to scope. Each job has a Project Architect; this individual not only completes the design but also executes the plan and follows the project through every phase, from conception to birth.
One aspect that differentiates Elliott Associates Architects from others is LEED Standards are carefully followed throughout the design phase. In addition, rather than design a project to fit the location, the goal of the professional staff at Elliott Associates Architects is to make sure the project can grow. With this, the client is provided exceptional value, being provided with more than just a home or office building but with a personalized space that is a natural part of everyday life.

In the past 32 years of existence, this firm has been the recipient of more than 224 architectural awards. Interestingly, the staff at Elliott Associates Architects does not place degree of success on the number of awards received, choosing instead to use the awards as a means of evaluating how well the client’s needs are being met. Considering that approximately 80% of all projects come from existing clients, this says a lot about the firm and the level of professionalism and dedication provided.
Just a few recent examples of the awards that Elliott Associates Architects has received in the past three decades include:
  • A/L Light & Architectural Design Award for outstanding achievement in 2009 relating to the Chesapeake Car Park one
  • Dean A. McGee Award in 2009 for the Oklahoma Heritage Association
  • Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009 by OKC Beautiful presented to Rand Elliott
  • Contract 30th Annual “Interiors” Award for The Underground Public Space in Oklahoma
  • Oklahoma Historical Society Citation of Merit for the Buick Building
Every project completed by Elliott Associates Architects leaves a lifetime impression of quality. One example is the Connecticut Residence, a contemporary home that sites on a low lying hill

with views of the wetlands, woods, and a quaint river. The windows are 10-feet high to bring the outdoors into the home. This particular client is a collector of fine art, sculptures, and African masks. Understanding the need for a home that showcases art while providing a warm and inviting space, Elliott Associates Architects designed an interior much like a museum.
With little wall space, the architects of this firm were inspired to design and create a sandblasted, acrylic coffee table measuring 21 feet long. Additionally, the home was designed with accent lighting to highlight various textures and forms of the client’s collection, as well as small niches where collectibles could be displayed. Elliott Architects succeed over and over again.