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Eco Furniture - old furniture recycling and green materials
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Eco Furniture - old furniture recycling and green materials -

Benefits of recycling old furniture

Recycling saves the environment from being destroyed, hence its eco-friendly. Every time, the need for new furniture causes the destruction of more plants and trees. In this article we will tell you about the benefits of recycling your old furniture and how this can help the environment.

Recycling the old furniture saves the need for raw materials for making
new furniture products. Recycling the old furniture reduces the consumption of resources required to make new ones. This helps in saving the trees and also contributes towards dealing with global warming.

Recycling helps in reducing the green house effect. Thus it lines up in the efforts to check the disastrous situation. This is because cutting of trees causes acid rain, loss of rain forest, puts many species in danger of extinction and has other hazardous effects.
The old furniture could be processed and something new could be made for selling and buying as well. The owner gets a sum of money and the buyer gets the furniture for much less amount than the new ones. With recycling of old furniture the households with low income get good furniture at affordable cost.
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Making of furniture from new wood takes a lot of time and energy. Recycling of old furniture saves much energy as they do not require any processing. It saves natural resources and reduces the level of harmful substances that are released in air.
As the world population is increasing, the demands for different things are also getting increased. Recycling would reduce the wastage of resources that are exploited for these new demands. Recycling helps to deal with old furniture sent to landfill thereby helping in reducing pollution and wastage. Not just this, recycling also increases sustainability that is an important aspect in furniture design.
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Many organizations save money through recycling and reusing old furniture. They get the repairs done and get the old furniture polished for reuse. These organizations support the recycling of old furniture to make new ones out of it. It not only saves money and resources but also protects the environment. Recycling also helps people to get employment opportunities. Many new firms have
come up to undertake recycling work. These organizations are giving training to people for recycling things.
Today there is an increasing demand for green furniture as it is eco-friendly. Green furniture is also much more durable and easily recyclable. Recycling of furniture provides benefits to us and society as a whole.
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Be environment friendly, recycle old furniture, help someone and save money.

Green furniture – An inexpensive and useful alternative

Green furniture is no longer the drab and boring style, fit only for the eco-freaks. The latest styles in green furniture are guaranteed to turn your neighbors green with envy. Now days, the furniture sellers are undertaking lots of research and creating furniture with new types of recyclable materials. People are also increasingly feeling the need for protecting the environment. Thus, the market for this eco-friendly furniture is rapidly increasing.
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Today, people are not only expecting the material used in the furniture to be environment-friendly, but they also want the paints applied, the power used in manufacture and the fuel used in the machinery, to be safe for the ecology. Also, the customer does not want to compromise on the style, durability and usefulness. The green companies are striving hard to
satisfy all the customer’s demands. The result is that the green furniture of today is not only made of recycled materials, but also uses non-toxic paints and renewable energy sources in manufacturing.

Many environment-friendly materials are available for manufacture of furniture. Some of the most popular ones are:


The only product stronger than oak, which never shrinks or expands, is bamboo. You may be aware of hardwood doors suddenly getting stuck and not closing properly. This will never happen with bamboo. Bamboo becomes a full-grown plant in just four years time, as compared to the other trees that take dozens of years to become fully mature. Also, they need not be harvested. Once they are cut, the roots send out fresh shoots immediately. All this makes bamboo, the most popular material for furniture.
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Organic cotton

Cotton that is grown in an atmosphere free of pesticides and insecticides is known as organic cotton. Organic cotton yields healthier fabrics that are free of toxins. It is preferable to use organic cotton when designing your furniture upholstery.
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Plywood is a cheap and durable material that can be effectively
eco furniture
and efficiently used to making furniture. The manufacture of plywood is by a roll-method that minimizes waste, thus leading to the most efficient use of the tree.

Faux leather

The awareness that animals also form a vital part of our ecology, and that they too need to be protected, has grown among all citizens. Thus, to duplicate leather, faux leather has been introduced. This has helped in saving innumerable animal lives from torture and death.

Miscellaneous materials

Various other miscellaneous materials are also being used to create green furniture. There are chaise lounges made from recycled corks, love seats made from recycled seat belts and shelves made of cardboard. As far as green furniture is concerned, the range is limited only by your imagination.

The senseless acts of deforestation, animal murders, water wastages and energy wastages have resulted in global warming. Global warming is a global warning, and it is better if everyone does his or her part in protecting the environment. When you plan to buy new furniture, try to get them as green as possible.
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