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Isay Weinfeld – Triple Edged Sword

Born in São Paulo the largest city in Brazil, Isay Weinfeld would prove to be a triple edged sword for the world to admire. Weinfeld takes extreme pride in exploiting the local talent of Brazil. His work carefully highlights a broader tropical mood with hughes, textures, tones and colors of classic materials. Weinfeld believes that if one isn’t mindful, color can interfere with fabric when designing a building, his famous work for Forum clearly demonstrates his thoughts on harmonious blending.
  In the Forum, color is proportioned in odd and uncommon places throughout the edifice. No matter the building style; villas, commercial buildings, hotels, clubs or small shops – Isay Weinfeld tackles a wide variety of common projects with artistic genius.  
  A recent venture involved the opening of a café bar in London, a place he has visited every year since the age of seventeen. “This is my favorite city in the world,” says Weinfeld, “It is a mixture between the big city and a very small village. How you have a huge avenue and then a tiny alley, with an integrated flower shop, a pub, a library - many things - with a residential area in the middle. This is incredible.”  
All the Brazilian’s there will have much in which to be proud. The café bar is located on the first floor a top restaurant, named Mocoto. One goal of Weinfeld is to show the many faucets of Brazil, not just stereotypical expectations. So what can diners expect? An intelligent array of unique wood shipped in from Brazil, like the rich grained Pao Ferro which is also used in guitars.

This wood is married with onyx and jute. There is no task to cumbersome for Isay as he tediously bought more than one hundred vintage 1959 Kiko armchairs designed by Sergio Rodrigues.
Weinfeld is a household name in Brazil; his studio 33 is the birth place of his simple architecture known as ‘Tropical Modern.’ Mocoto is Weinfeld's first London project. Although based in Sao Paolo, he has enjoyed a long love affair with London and its urban planning.
Weinfeld, who himself graduated in 1975 from the School of Architecture at Mackenzie University, taught at the prestigious Instituto Presbiteriano Mackenzie’s School of architecture. The name of the class is Theory of Architecture.
Among the awards for which Isay was nominated is the Premio shell and APETESP awarded for the scenography of Tamara in theatrical performance.

Isay is honored throughout the world for his accomplishments as a top tier architect. He has been heavily involved in cinematography since the mid 70s and produced 14 short feature films that have received awards in Brazil as well as abroad. His latest film is entitled, Ido corno Vento. His comedic talent was revealed with the release of Fire and Passion; this film has been ranked highly in Switzerland as one of the ten best comedies worldwide. With so many talents, Weinfeld may very well be the first triple-edge sword the world of art and design has ever seen.