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Marc Koehler Architects – Natural Ability

  A beautifully designed home or office adds style, charm, and intrigue, but also makes the space more efficient and functional. While some companies achieve good results, Marc Koehler Architects seek outstanding results.

The founder, Marc Koehler is a Dutch architect currently working from an Amsterdam base. Whether looking to transform a private home, greenhouse, townhouse, business space, or even a bus shelter or overloom staircase, Koehler’s unrivaled vision and skill produces unparalleled results.
  Although a young man, Marc Koehler has an uncanny ability to look at a space, analyze it, and envision design work that is fresh, new, and exciting. One thing that sets Koeler apart from others is his ability to combine multiple areas of knowledge when working on a particular project. With his unique abstract views coupled with practicality, Marc Koehler works with designers, artists, engineers, and consultants to turn any project into a design masterpiece.

Marc Koehler uses a different approach to every architectural project. He starts by listening to his clients so he can better understand their needs. This approach has proven highly effective, establishing Marc Koehler as a force to be reckoned with. Koehler focuses on what clients need while also presenting them with new and innovative solutions.
  Every Koehler design is authentic; no two projects are approached in the same manner. As a result, every client feels special, as if the project is the only one that matters, and it is. When completed, the client knows their design is one-of-a-kind. This approach to architecture has led to Koehler’s strong reputation and respect within the architectural and design industry.

Currently, Marc Koehler lends his talent to TU Deft as a member of the faculty of Architecture. In addition, he visits the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and Hogeschool van Amsterdam’s Unit Built Environment as a guest teacher, sharing his passion and knowledge with future architects.

Numerous publications have featured Marc Koehler’s work to include DAX Magazine, BOUW, OASE, +Arquitectura Magazine het NRC, Baby Mgz, Bouwwereld, Stedebouw en Architectuur, Stedebouw, Items, de Architect, and many other high-profile mediums. Additionally, several of his projects have been nominated for coveted awards, specific to vision, analysis, and architectural design.
  The Uburg House project was nominated for the Dutch Façade Design Award 2008, Golden AAP, Fritze Hoger Preis 2008, The Most Beautiful Home 2008, and WAN Best House of 2008, and this particular house was given an honorable mention in the World Architecture Festival

Award 2008. In addition, the Oporto Riverine waterfront competition was the recipient of a grant from the Dutch Foundation of Visual Arts, Design and Architecture, considered highly prestigious.

Marc Koehler has a trained eye, natural ability, and passion for balancing urban and culture in each of his designs. With visual concept, Koehler orchestrates each project to create a timeless and contemporary architectural design of which both he and the client can be proud.