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Leroy Street Studio

Economics, Practicality, Community

  The Leroy Street Studio has made an impressive name in the world of architecture and design by taking a unique approach to work performed. Instead of viewing an old or historic building as damaged and undesirable, this firm studies the character and bones of the building along with various materials and quality of the structure to better understand the transformation needed. With this as the inspiration, the design and architectural work begins with unmatched results.  
  The Leroy Street Studio does not stand before a building and feel defeated, but views the project as an opportunity to develop refreshing and innovative architectural elements to both design and construction. Every project is approached with three points in mind economics, practicality, and the community. Every staff member steps back to consider nonconventional methods and solutions, which is why the Leroy Street Studio has made such an impression.

Unlike other architectural firms that work solely for financial gain, the Leroy Street Studio has developed close ties to the community, providing architectural and design solutions to build and restore areas of which people can be proud. To accomplish this, the community has been solicited to provide honest input for the various public projects being worked. This allows communities to feel empowered and appreciated.
  Another unique aspect of the Leroy Street Studio was the 2008 commitment to found BLDG, a longstanding construction management company. With this, an incredible partnership was born that involved designs from the Leroy Street Studio being handed off to BLDG for them to bring the designs to life.

This special relationship has allowed projects to be completed with high quality materials and workmanship, but at better value. All the years the Leroy Street Studio and BLDG have been in business combined creates streamlined processes which prevent redundancy, provide room for flexibility, and cut costs.
The design team of the Leroy Street Studio spends countless hours researching techniques, materials, and systems associated with community buildings, along with investigating social, physical, and community aspects. The result is a unique and customized architectural design that surpasses expectations. Even when working with tight schedules and major challenges, this team is able to uncover cost efficient and innovation solutions.

In addition to spearheading major architectural projects within the United States, the Leroy Street Studio has also completed projects overseas. Then to help local people and students enhance and improve the community, this architectural firm created the Hester Street Collaborative, a not-for-profit workshop. The original founders, Marc Turkel and Morgan Hare, along with the newest partner Shawn Watts and the rest of the design team have proven to be viable leaders with their unique architectural and design approach.
  In addition to holding an undergraduate/graduate degree from Yale in Architecture, Marc Turkel won multiple awards, and Morgan Hare has an undergraduate degree from Amherst College, Masters from Yale in architecture, and from New York University, a Certificate in Construction Management. Shawn Watts has his undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland and Masters from Yale, which provided him a prestigious Takenaka internship, allowing him to spend time in Japan learning architecture and design from the best.