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Mozo & Pontavice Studio

Best of Both Worlds

To survive tough economies is a challenge and requires adaptability. One must be creative beyond belief if they plan to come out ahead of the competition. Architectural firms and designers must approach projects differently when times are tough. Firms such as Mozo & Pontavice Studio have done just that by becoming adaptable. This architectural firm has a unique ability of thinking outside the box, taking conventional solutions and turning them into unique, innovative, and beautiful creations.
Alberto Mozo Leverington and his managing partner, Alain du Pontavice joined talents to create the Mozo & Pontavice Studio. To provide architectural design to a broad range of clients, this firm employs a highly-skilled staff from various nationalities. With bilingual staff fluent in English, Mandarin Chinese, French, Spanish, and Italian, communication with prospective ensures potential mistakes are avoided. Based in Santiago, everyone within this firm collaborates on designs to produce perfection.
Mozo & Pontavice Studio comes up with amazing designs that surpass client expectations. One example of Mozo & Pontavice Studio’s success was achieved with the completion of the BIP Computer building located in Santiago Chile. The original structure was quite modest, a three-story building sitting on land zoned for a 12-story building. Realizing BIP needed something larger than life but without costing a fortune, Alberto Mozo Leverington began assessing possibilities.

In 2007, Mozo created a massive building with more than 17,000 square feet positioned between two houses already on the same piece of land. Instead of destroying the original houses, he had the foresight to retain as much as 80% of the homes, which were then modified. The result was this firm provided BIP with additional space for customer service, storage, and computer assembly.
This incredible design was actually very important to the people of Santiago. With these two houses originally built in 1939, featuring beautiful tile roofs and authentic Chilean architecture, BIP hated to see them destroyed. Listening to the desire of his client, Mozo Leverington used his talent to incorporate the existing structures into the new design, which resulted in the best of both worlds.

This contemporary structure balanced with natural materials reflects the heart and soul of the Chilean people. Mozo Leverington used single-size laminated timbers made from high quality pine, which provided an opportunity to use a specific size so the amount of waste produced during the cutting process was eliminated.
This saved the client money and provided an environmentally-friendly solution, not to mention the dramatic design of beams, pillars, and an impressive winding staircase.

Alberto Mozo Leverington has a longstanding reputation for understanding characteristics of materials and determining precise requirements to avoid waste. This coupled with the firm’s vision of style has allowed them to gain an international reputation for being true artists with a conscious. With Alberto’s command of natural and manmade materials, his vision of balancing existing structures with new and innovative designs, and his strong commitment to the client, it is easy to understand what sets him and his partner apart from the pack.