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Seth Stein Architect Not Afraid

Great architecture does not occur by happenstance, but through highly-skilled and passionate architects not afraid to venture away from conventional solutions. Seth Stein Architects is such a firm consisting of true professionals known for their unrivaled restoration of historic structures and design approach for new construction. Established in 1989, this London-based firm focuses on projects in the United Kingdom and other overseas countries.
Seth Stein Architects work on residential, commercial, and community projects, lending their expertise to ensure the completed work far exceeds expectations. To leverage innovative architectural design elements while maintaining a building’s integrity requires special skill. Seth Stein Architects’ international reputation encompasses the design of private homes, which consists of urban and contemporary styles.
The expanse of work performed by Seth Stein Architects is vast, reaching from beachfront homes in the Caribbean to private islands located off the Finland coastline. Currently, the architectural firm is working on projects in Melbourne, Cheltenham, and Bath Australia.
A few of the more impressive projects completed by Seth Stein Architects includes the courtyard stables in Yorkshire at the Harewood House, a Geneva gold foundry, a Vicenza palazetto, the Edwin Lutyens 68 Pall Mall, a Victorian terrace in Notting Hill, and dockland buildings in Devon on the River Dart.
For the immaculate architecture and design on a house in Cornwall and beach house in Caicos and Turks, Seth Stein Architects was awarded the prestigious BD Single Dwelling Architect of the Year in 2007. Other awards received were for outstanding architectural and design work on the Pencalenick House in Cornwall to include the 2009 RIBA Award and the Caradon Design Award in 2007. They were also shortlisted in 2008 for the Wood Awards on the same house.

Along with being honored with awards, Seth Stein Architects has also been featured in several publications, recognizing their vision, architectural and design abilities, and dedication to perfection. The Plettenburg Bay beach house was featured in Record Hoauses by Architectural Record in 2009, Living by the Sea, and Maisons Cote’ Sud. In addition, the Pencalenick House in Cornwall was represented in the Designs for Domesticity publication.
The attention to detail that goes into every project worked by Seth Stein Architects is truly amazing. Working with historic structures, the team looks past destruction and damage, finding a hidden gem.

Every element of the project is renewed using only the finest materials and workmanship while leaving the heart and integrity of the structure intact. Even with new construction, this firm has the ability to envision a masterpiece and follow precise steps to bring their vision to reality.
For the past 20 years, Seth Stein Architects has been making a lasting impression. Their designs are innovative, new, and vibrant, featuring dynamics of design typically overlooked by other architectural firms. Skill level is easily seen with the restoration of the courtyard stables in Yorkshire at the Harewood House, as well as Kensington’s $26 million Kelso Place. While all projects have been recognized for outstanding work, without doubt, the Pencalenick House is their crowning achievement.