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When it comes to architecture, there are enough styles to grace every city block in the world. Many are dull, and unable to project a “visual voice.” But there are some structures that speak directly to the heart. Takuya Hosokai and Hiromasa Mori understand the language of the heart.

Takuya Hosokai was born in 1980 in the peaceful town of Niigata, Japan. As a child, he often expressed his interest in designing to family and friends. However, he did not begin turning his interest into reality until 2003. During that year, Hosokai entered Yokohama National University (located in Yokohama, Japan) and earned a B.E. (or Bachelor of Engineering) in Architectural Design. Not satisfied with this level of education, Takuya Hosokai returned to the same school in 2005 and obtained a Master of Engineering degree in Architectural Design.
Along with receiving his Masters degree, Takuya Hosokai started his own design agency naming it TAKUYAHOSOKAI.

To add to his experience, Takuya Hosokai was invited to join the Office for Metropolitan Architecture located in Rotterdam. As a team member, Hosokai provided creative input and contributed to the designs of several structures around the world. One of his most famous works of art was the result of collaborating with Hiromasa Mori.

Shiro, which means “White” in English, is a beautiful yet modern example of true talent. Standing tall and glistening with a solid white exterior, Shiro serves as an upper class hair salon in Fukui, Japan.

During the design process, Takuya Hosokai and Hiromasa Mori shared their creative thoughts and decided to design a structure that would serve a general purpose of providing needed space, but at the same time exhibit sharp, appealing lines and contours. The team also decided to make the structure appear “pure and clean”, which led to the decision to design the building with an all-white motif.

When Takuya Hosokai and Hiromasa Mori finalized the last adjustment to their design, Shiro was born. The design had everything the team could possibly want and more. The public took notice.

Shiro, the remarkable creation of this powerhouse team, utilizes 194.26 sqm (or 2,090 square feet) and provides 166.79 sqm (or 1,795 square feet) of floor space. This structure is built with steel frames and is solid white. Based on a box look, Shiro adds a modern flair with its vertical appendage cascading from the very top and resting on the ground below.

The inside of Shiro compliments the exterior as well. Designed with a solid white interior, Shiro does gain a small amount of accent color from the light-colored woodwork gracing its first floor.

The team of Takuya Hosokai and Hiromasa Mori has been recognized for their talented collaboration in several major publications. They have also worked together yet again to provide a contrasting design to Shiro, which they named Kuro (in English this means “Black”). Kuro was completed in 2007 and serves as a personal residence in Fukui City, Japan.
Kuro was designed in a triangular shape with a solid black wooden exterior. The interior is a solid white, which provides a striking contrast from the exterior. Kuro is accented by light-wooden floors and checkerboard tile. The lighting for Kuro is simple yet modern.

The most common connection Kuro has with Shiro is the interior shares the same creative design – bold and white. Takuya Hosokai proves dreams can come true. From playing with friends and pretending to build luxury structures to being known for his real life designs, Hosokai is on a fast road to success. And success doesn't fall far from Hiromasa Mori either.
By collaborating with Takuya Hosokai in order to produce two of the most unique, modern structures in the world, Mori has obtained a well-known status as well.

Just like a person, buildings can speak opinions and express the character of the designer. Takuya Hosokai and Hiromasa Mori may be expressing their own thoughts through their work, but when you gaze at the structures born from the collective mind of this pair, it appears they take on a life and opinion of their own.

The world waits to see what they will design next.