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Toshiko Mori Architect – The Complete Opposite

  Toshiko Mori is the principal architect at Toshiko Mori Architect in New York, which was originally established in 1981. Her reputation is based on the in-depth research applied to every architecture and design project. In coordination with her highly skilled and professional staff, Mori’s firm takes a refreshing approach to the world of architecture. Using both conventional and innovative materials, as well as unique fabrication methods, architectural designs integrate landscape and light into the finished product.  
  To achieve her current position as the principle architect with Toshiko Mori, she has her life to the craft. After founding her architecture firm, she spent time teaching at Cooper Union School of Architecture, became a faculty member at Harvard GSD, was an Eero Saarinen Visiting Professor at Yale University, honorary faculty member at Columbia University, and for six years, the chair at Harvard’s Department of Architecture.  
  In addition to her successful New York City firm, Toshiko Mori is currently associated with Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, serving as the Robert P. Hubbard Professor, is an active advisor for A+U Magazine, and a member on Design for the World Economic with the Global Agenda Council. Her continued involvement with various Ivy League universities and dedication to teaching shows her true level of passion and commitment.

Toshiko Mori has earned a reputation for creating impressive residential, commercial, industrial, and cultural architecture different from any other architect. In addition to her many completed accomplishments in the field of architecture and design, her current products include Brown University, Syracuse University, and a Master Plan for New York University.
  With the level of insight and research Toshiko Mori puts into every project, she has become a powerful figure around the world, which has led to numerous invitations to lecture at various symposiums and exhibitions. Every speech comes from a heart full of passion that encompasses not only architecture and design, but also materials, fabrication, ecology, urbanism, education, preservation, and integrity of historic structures.  
  As a leader in the architectural industry, Toshiko Mori has been the recipient of many prestigious awards to include the Cooper Union Inaugural John Hejduk Award, Academy Award in Architecture, and Medal of Honor from AIA. Several high-profile publications have featured Toshiko Mori and her work such as the New York Times.

In fact, her work has been placed on exhibit with some of the world’s most renowned museums to include Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh at the Heinz Architectural Center.
  While some architects are followers, simply repeating design that has already been done, Toshiko Mori is the complete opposite. She is a natural born leader, an architect with an appetite for new and refreshing ideas that can transform any space.

The Bachelor of Architecture earned from Cooper Union, as well as her honorary Master of Architecture from Harvard University has served her well. Following her dream, Mori takes her work to heart and the results are undeniable.