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Zyscovich - Master of Urban Design.

Bernard Zyscovich’s firm is based in Miami, where he has become synonymous with the vibrant and colorful

Whilst his works have included wide-ranging projects from commercial developments and
interior design work, to airport terminals and residential high-rises, Zyscovich is significantly known for “Urban Design” or “Urban Re-design”. He prides himself on revitalizing downtrodden areas, and his influence on planning and redeveloping entire neighborhoods has given Zyscovich the top reputation in this field.

Starting in the early 1990’s, Zyscovich began with areas of bad repute around the Lincoln Road Pedestrian mall in Miami, receiving acclaim for his forward thinking and visual impression which he calls, “Real Urbanism”.


His vision encompasses every detail from housing, transportation and office space, with an overall leniency towards pedestrian accessibility, born from his negative feelings towards long commutes.

“Real Urbanism, as we have come to call our approach, expresses the unique and particular identity of a place as the foundation for an urban plan and its consequent regulations”, says Bernard. “In practicing Real Urbanism, we simultaneously study history

and search for the new opportunities, i.e. an organizing vision that is additive and optimistic rather than reductive and formulaic.  In short, we aim to create the most wonderful stage sets possible for playing out the theater of life”.

In respect of Zyscovich’s Real Urbanism philosophy, architect, Roberto Smith, comments, “His planning is changing our cities, and the way we live and work in cities”.

The buildings themselves are futuristic, with sharp lines and abstract shapes, yet able to blend into the neighborhoods rather than making a dramatic statement.
“He intertwines Miami’s aesthetic future”, notes one critic.

The designs are particularly exciting and alive at night, due to the sharp


contrasts and materials used. For areas such as Miami and downtown Hollywood, (where he has high-profile projects), the eclectic mix brings an energy to an already vibrant night cityscape. Glass and steel are often featured, yet carefully balanced within the design, allowing for the ‘area’ as a whole to be viewed, rather than just one ‘showcase’ structure.

Outside of downtown urbanism, Zyscovich’s project range from single residential homes to momentous high rises, with everything in between.

More illustrious designs are witnessed in South Beach where Zyscovich has designed the Lincoln Center, Anchor Shops, 500 Block of Collins, St. Moritz, and Carlyle, all of which reflect Miami’s vibrant, cultural, and artistic social fabric.

The Grand Flamingo, one of the largest design/grand planning projects in the US, and certainly for


Miami, was undertaken by the Zyscovich firm, utilizing his signature real urbanism approach. The $150 million project included an image upgrade, the renovation of two existing 16-story apartment wings, and the construction of a new 32-story tower.

“A new beautiful garden and promenade, a fitness center, open air markets, cyber cafes, full service concierge, and boat rentals are examples of the unusual amenities that will turn this once ‘ordinary complex’ into a resort like destination,” says Zyscovich.

The building is distinctive for the incorporation of exquisite night illumination on its distinct crown giving the building an iconic flair.

With insight of his nationally recognized work in urban design and historic preservation, “The New Orleans Rebuilding Plan” has turned to Zyscovich
for creative solutions to complex redevelopment master plans and urban design projects required for the city.

Zyscovich has shown devotion to improving urban neighborhoods through his application of the real urbanism philosophy. Emphasizing sustainable development based on a neighborhood’s character and history, he creates an authentic environment by providing design solutions for livable communities with diverse populations, cultural amenities, and economic vitality. Through this work, he endeavors to redevelop and revitalize a broad range of communities throughout the United States.