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Item# L21S-A002A
The three seater Azur sofa was built for those cozy afternoons of private laughter and comforting talks. Its compact form is held together by a metal base and covered in thick feather down cushions for long hours of seating. Additionally, the slim armrests and high backrest introduce a delicate touch that is further complemented by the slim, tall legs holding the piece above ground. Nonetheless, the sofa's greatest asset is its sliding seat function that enhances your experience with extra room to lie down during movie nights or to take a refreshing nap.

Item# L21S-A002A

Structure: Metal base, Polished solid pine wood, and by-products, Zig zag spring Seating: Multi-density polyurethane foam Backrest Cushion: feather down, foam Pillows: feather down / Fabric Pre-cover: Full leather Final Cover: Full leather

Size: L485" x W35" x H31"
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