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Frank Three Seater Sofa

Item# MIC-0818-3
Sofas can be such stodgy affairs. Grand in size, sweeping in style and overzealous in form and function. It`s as if they are saying, "Look at me, look at me, I really stand out." And they do, but for all the wrong reasons. A contemporary sofa should be comfortable and easy on the eyes. It shouldn`t dominate a room, but complement it. Those overstuffed heavyweights should take a lesson from this divine sofa. With its straightforward design, there`s no need to compete for attention. It comes naturally. From the six airy legs to the finely upholstered pillows, this wonderful sofa knows it`s a real looker. People don't have to be told to look, they just will. And they will relish in its comfort and beauty for many years to come.

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Item# MIC-0818-3

- Reinforced solid Birch skeleton and legs assembled with interlocking joists. - High density-resiliency foam seat and back cushions. - Hard wood legs sun dried-treated and varnished to perfection. - Upholstered and precisely stitched in the fabric or leather of your choice. - Comes with two long pillows and two square pillows.

Size: L 91" X W 39" X H 24"
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