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Item# BL2103
Quality makes itself known with time as it endures the wears and changes of its surroundings to retain its timeless form. In the case of this Louise, its quality is also visible in its genuine gray leather upholstery and generous design accommodating plush seating and a practical timber box on the side for organized storage. This exterior forms part of a high, modern design elevated by the sleek shimmer of the leather fabric and the slim backrest that gives off a delicate format. Hidden under this exterior we can also discover a polished solid hardwood structure and a feather down layer that further enhance the value of this sofa.

Item# BL2103

Structure: Polished solid pine wood and by-products,Zig zag spring Seating: Multi-density polyurethane foam with an extra layer of feather down Backrest Cushion: feather down, foam Pillows: feather down Pre-cover: Polyester Final Cover: Half leather Customizable: Yes

Size: L87" x W37" x H23"
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