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Item# S1706B
The increasing orientation towards practical and double-function design that characterizes modern societies is the evidence of our move to more convenient and comfortable lifestyles. The Selene Sofa demonstrates this with its contemporary appeal resting on a combination of quality materials such as a slim leather back, steel base, a linen cover, and fine cashmere pillows. These elements combine beauty and luxury to offer a new experience that will delight your sense of touch while providing the additional function of a side wooden table to enhance your use of space.

Item# S1706B

Structure: Polished solid pine wood and by-products, Zig zag spring, Steel base Seating: Multi-density polyurethane foam with an extra layer of feather down Backrest Cushion: feather down, foam Pillows: feather down Pre-cover: Polyester Final Cover: Linen Cotton Fabric Washable: Yes Customizable: Yes Functions: Wooden arm

Size: L96" x W37" x H26"
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