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Wing Deluxe Sleeper Sofa

Item# IN-94-742001
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Its hard to tell if this sofa looks better as a sofa or a bed. Itïs a coin toss, really. Both are equally stunning, both in function and form. With the back vertical, you have a stylish sofa that is really fresh it looks as if you could just grab its handle and carry it away. But dont be fooled by its airy light look s a very sturdy sofa and youïll find that out when you turn it into a bed and toss and turn on it a bit. It is rock solid and will give you a good night sleep for years to come.

Item# IN-94-742001

Adjustable back rest can be set in sofa, lounge and bed position. The two sides of the seat can be lifted with a simple Upholstered with high quality pocket springs and foam. Clean-cut legs in chromed steel. Bed Size - 79" x 43"

Size: W38" x L79" x H31"
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