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Tai Bar Stool Black

Item# "YD5105B-1"
Don't let its spindly legs fool you. This is one sturdy bar stool. Fine design and superb construction combine to create a wonderful addition to your decor. The legs rise majestically to support the arched wood seat that is shaped to cradle your posterior in total comfort. And if that weren't enough, the designers even thought of adding a perfectly positioned bar for your legs to rest so they're not just dangling in thin air.

About the quality of our woods

Item# "YD5105B-1"

-Structurally solid but smoothly textured veneered plywood arch shaped seat that is shaped to cradle you in total comfort -Beautifully hand polished, high-performance, durable stainless steel frame -Perfectly positioned stainless steel bar for your legs to rest -Carefully tested, highly detailed, seamless handmade parts that were designed to last for years -No assembly required

Size: W 17.35 x d 12.2 x h 29.9
Selected Color:
Plywood - Walnut
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