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Doris Chair

Item# LT-LX1012
Your eyes are not deceiving you. Two elegant swans, their wings tucked back and their heads in stately repose, serve as the arms for this amazing chair. The embellishments are so detailed, youd swear this chair could take flight at any moment as if by Gossamer wings. The chairs other appointments are equally splendid, from the lovely piping along the seams to the top-notch upholstery that covers the chair on both sides.

Item# LT-LX1012

Hardwood frame of solid kiln dried birch; harvested and hand carved to perfection. The frame is assembled with a tongue and groove system and nailed in place by an experienced craftsman. You can select from a variety of finishes and stains for the wood anywhere from cherry to country to black or white lacquers or mattes and even silver or gold leafs. A variety of upholstery available of luxurious European fabrics to give the custom look you desire. Call for further details on the fabrics.

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