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Kypseli Mirror

Item# 3-KMP-M-002
Make a chic statement with the Kypseli Wall Mirror. The striking hand-painted gold metal gives a luxe finish that will add a classy focal point to any wall. The black borders around each mirror add extra drama, making this modern piece of mirrored art pop in any decor. Although designed to be purely decorative, the intriguing pattern of Kypseli mirrors will catch and reflect the light, making even a small room appear brighter and roomier. And of course, if you need to check your hair or your lipstick, you will find the Kypseli Wall Mirror just as functional to use as it is fabulous to look at.

Item# 3-KMP-M-002

-Made from metal and mirror -Hand-painted

Size: L 24 x W 1 x H 40
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