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Iakinthos ceramic candle holder

Item# 3-KMP-D-001
The organic beauty of Iakinthos has been exquisitely captured in this ceramic candle holder that is as much a work of art as a practical addition to any space. Its realistically detailed hand-sculpted buds surround the votive candle (not included), which becomes the heart of this work of art. Ceramic has been wrapped over miniscule golden rods and nodules that make up the accessories. Finished in a white glaze, it offers a modern look on a natural and classic shape. Perfectly elegant for any formal setting and just whimsical enough to add fun flair to a space.

Item# 3-KMP-D-001

Sculpted using tiny golden rods and nodules and finished in ceramic with a white glaze. The Ceramic Candle Holder measures 5.5 W x 5.5 L x 5.9 H with space for a votive in the center.

Size: W 5.5 x L 5.5 x H 5.9
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