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Coleen Sectional

Item# J-WSXL-3020-3
Designed carefully to accommodate the human body our Cole sectional is a work of art on its own. Its theatrical appearance is followed by geometrical lines and a comfortable seating experience hard to surpass. Excessive layers of down feathers wrap the high density foam to provide a superb; long-lasting seating experience for many years to come. Thechrome steel base with recessed legs elevates the sofa above ground; just enough to give an optical illusion of floating in space . Its wider than normal chaise provides a lounging corner large enough for two! Gently angled backrests filled in down leave enough space for a full depth seating paired with an elevated armrest to maximize comfort. For maximum aesthetics the Cole sectional can be customized to meet your space proportions .

Item# J-WSXL-3020-3


Size: L 120" x D 39" X W 62"
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