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Filipa Chair bench

Item# CH8304
Call it what you wish, a "Tabair" or a "Chairble". We just call it smart design. Part chair , this whimsical piece of furniture will make a wonderful addition to your home or office. The stylish chair has its own built in side table, which can also double as a bench for additional seating during a family gathering. How's that for versatility in a piece of furniture?

About the quality of our woods

Item# CH8304

- Four impeccably crafted, virtually indestructible outstanding quality solid wood legs: American Maple, America Walnut, White Oak, Ash, Beech, Birch - Head turning, elegantly oversized, versatile wooden seat that could be used as side table or as additional seating - Charming, timeless design made to our highest standards with intricate detailing - Carefully tested, luxuriously handcrafted, smooth, flawless elements - No assembly required

Size: w 33 x d 18.5 x h 31.5
Selected Color:
Wood Ash Medium Brown
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