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Abracci Chair - Fabric

Item# CH7282
When the Honda CRX first came out, critics loved it. Well, not the car, but the seats. Thieves did too, stealing these beauties right from under the owner's, well, seats. And with good reason. They were so comfortable you wanted one in your living room. Well, dreams do come true. This chair takes the best the seats had to offer ergonomic design, perfectly formed armrests, superior upholstery and a form fitting shape that enveloped you. Fine design only gets better with age, as this supreme seating experience will attest.

About the quality of our woods

Item# CH7282

- Solid wood flame gracefully provide front and back support to a lightly tilted back rest - Reinforced molded fiberglass shell is padded and tightly tailored to form the back cushion - Solid harvested hardwood, hand carved and crafted to perfection; available in Natural Walnut, Dark Walnut full grain, Natural Maple-full grain; Ash light brown-dark brown, black varnished, White natural oak, Natural Beech

Size: W 24.6 x d 26.4 x h 29.75
Selected Color:
Wood Ash Medium Brown
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