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Amadeo Chair

Item# MIC-0870
If you came from the 60s or watched a little too much Pee Wee Herman, then you could almost swear this chair could come alive. It has a big hey, look at me!personality, certainly far too big to fit into this otherwise demure wonder of a chair. The tufted back and seat are upholstered with top quality foam, giving just enough to always keep you in the lap of luxury. If Uncle Horace is showing his slide show of his 1968 trip to the Grand Canyon for the umpteenth time, the wraparound back will keep you looking alert, even if youre actually sound asleep.

Item# MIC-0870

- Masterfully sculpted solid hard wood skeleton and legs assembled with interlocking joints. - High density high resiliency polyurethane foam is used for the seat and back. - Hard wood legs sun dried treated and varnished to perfection. -Upholstered and precisely stitched in the fabric or leather of your choice.

Size: W29.5 x D32.7 x H31.5
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