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Basc chair - cowhide

Item# "CH3029-0"
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If there was a DNA trail for fine furnishings, the Basculant Chair would be one of the direct ancestor of many modern pieces. Crafted by Le Corbusier, the Basculant Chair is a study in beauty, form and function. Its adjustable back and deep, sloping chair cushion let you choose the perfect angle of comfort. A minimalist frame of stainless steel supports the seat and back, adding elegance and classic lines to the piece. Small wonder the Basculant Chair ended up in the Museum of Modern Art as an example of the perfect 'modern adjustable arm chair. Even if you don't own a museum, you can still enjoy this beauty by adding it to your own tasteful collection. Chrome plated tubular steel frame with tiltable backrest. Basc chair - Cowhide - Living Room Furniture

Item# "CH3029-0"

-Revolutionized, light weight stainless steel frame that will last for years to come -Carefully polished stainless steel finished legs with steel bolds that results in a elegant mirror finish -Soft, top grain cowhide seat from American/Australian cowhide; white and brown or white and black -Quality controlled, hand-crafted, flawless design -No assembly required

Size: L23.5 x W25 x H25.5
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