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Budapest Chair

Item# MIC-09216A
It isn't often that a product that exudes such sophistication in its conceptualization and execution comes along. OK, so that sounds more like a wine review. While this chair deserves such platitudes, it's hardly stuffy in its incarnation. In fact, it's very approachable and downright comfortable. The curvaceous form pleads with you to notice it and once you do, you'll find yourself drawn to its superb craftsmanship, fine detailing and rich upholstery. And like a rare glass of fine wine from a prized cellar, this chair will delight you at every turn with its mature appearance, tantalizing form and breathtaking dedication to perfection.

Item# MIC-09216A

- Reinforced solid hard wood skeleton and legs assembled with interlocking joints - High density high resiliency polyurethane foam is used for the seat and back cushion - A spring system hidden perfectly on the frame, adds extra comfort and durability to the chair -Elegantly handcrafted, flawless, eye-catching design

Size: L28.35"xW26.3"xH35.8"
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