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Asia Lounge Chair

Item# MIC-09217-1
If the Apollo astronauts could have had these as their chairs in their spacecraft, they may have wanted to skip the Moon and head for Mars instead, just to get a little extra relaxation. Superior comfort and style combine to create a futuristic chair that is simply out of this world. The front legs have small casters for making precise adjustments in earths gravity while the slanted back lets you carry on a conversation or gaze at the stars with equal ease. One things for sure: Houston, we dont have a problem here!

Item# MIC-09217-1

- Long-lasting high density and high resiliency polyurethane foam is used for the seat and back cushion. - Elegantly handcrafted, flawless, head-turning design. - Ergonomically created for a lifetime of daily use. - Finely constructed hard wood legs with small steel wheels for ease of placement.

Size: W28 x D37.8 x H33.5
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