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Cloe chair - fabric

Item# CH7143-1
This fabric chair was designed to look like a section of a coconut shell. Rich in detailing and uncompromising in design, the Cloe Chair is one of many playful and organic creations . Sink back into its inviting form and relish in the comfort and security. Our Cloe chair is a durable molded plastic chair, layered with a single piece of foam, then covered with a supple, long-lasting upholstered fabric cushion. It is available in leather or fabric.

Item# CH7143-1

- Reinforced molded fiberglass coconut shape shell; high gloss color finished - High density, high resiliency seat cushion -Polished chrome, steel legs and bolts -Level adjustable leg end, knobs - Upholstered in choices of fabrics: Pike: 40% wool, 60% polyester; Romvo: 60% polyester and 40% wool; Wool 100% wool upholstery.

Size: L 42 x W 34 x H 37
Selected Color:
Milo Red
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