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Coral Lounge Chair

Item# CH1706P
You may be wondering what makes the Coral lounge chair comparable to its namesake. The subdued gray color of the leather fabric contrasts with that of the sea creatures we recognize for their bright tones; thus, making it a unique aspect of the piece that is closer tied to contemporary minimalist home settings.

The element that connects this chair to corals is its curved and sturdy structure that offers a sense of protection to its users much like coral reefs do for sea creatures. Its curved shape provides a balanced amount of privacy for a peaceful escape from outside distractions, while also leaving an opening to invite visitors to sit down.

Lastly, both the Coral lounge chair and its namesake are indispensable components of their environments as you will notice after experiencing the snugness equipped in this timeless piece.

Item# CH1706P


Size: W33" D33" H30"
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