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Miko Lounge Chair

Item# CH9103
They say things are always bigger in Texas but you can have boasting rights in your own hometown. This amazingly bold design is as big as it is brash. Sweeping from side to side, the chair spans a full three feet. Not only can you sit back and enjoy its innovative, artful design, but you could curl up in it as well. The engaging three-legged design adds to its overall clean lines, which emphasize the gentle curves that extend throughout. To top it off, a contrast of fine fabric over top quality cushions of giving, yet supportive foam.

About the quality of our woods

Item# CH9103

- Deftly designed sleek shell seat with impeccably tailored fabric cushions to enhance your comfort -Two impact-resistant veneered plywood front legs, formulated from one continuous piece -Individually crafted veneer plywood back leg which makes this chair a real head-turner - Timeless design made to our highest standards with intricate detailing - Grand selection of exquisite, top quality plywood: American Maple, American Walnut, White Oak, Ash, Beech, Birch -No assembly required

Size: w 36 x d 32 x h 29
Selected Color:
Plywood - Black
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