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Sfera Lounge Chair

Item# 7 KMP- EEI-110
Innocence has been lost in many a chair like this. Don't believe us? Just watch was in the room of Tom Hanks' son. Offering unparalleled privacy, state secrets could be shared between two spies in this and no one would be the wiser. Hop in, find a comfortable position and enjoy a stolen moment of complete silence. And if you're a space fan, sit backwards in it and feel like a russian cosmonaut. Versatile, functional and fun, all at the same time

Item# 7 KMP- EEI-110

-Spherical geometric shaped, molded fiberglass shell finished to perfection in glossy or matte finish -Perfectly proportioned 360° turnable effortless swivel mechanism that gives you a freedom of movement -Masterfully sculpted round cast aluminum base, coated in glossy/matte finish -High density resiliency ergonomic fixed polyfoam seat and back cushions. -Grand color selection of flawlessly tailored, gorgeous, fade resistant fabric upholstery -Carefully tested, quality controlled, highly detailed timeless design -No assembly required

Size: 35.5"L x 41.5"W x 49"H
Selected Color:
Fiberglass Off White Gloss
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