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Tafari Lounge Chair - Rattan

Item# CH4062B
How many times have you sat down in a poorly designed chair, only to feel like you're going to fall forward out of it and do a nice face plant on the floor. Well, never live with that fear again. This chair will let you lean back in divine comfort. Plus, the spacious seat and back let you find that perfect spot where body and soul just say "ahhhh!" Enjoy a mysterious romance or a romantic mystery in this wonderful, comfortable chair

Item# CH4062B

-Brushed stainless steel finish hand ground to perfection -Connecting brushed, steel clamps and bolts hold the stainless steel frame and seat together. -Full grain, semi-aniline, bovine full leather seat, comes from American or Australian Hides.

Size: W 25 x d 25.6 x h 27.5
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Wicker Rattan
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