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Fariha Chair

Item# SD9189
List Price :$515.00
(You Save : $17.25)
We heard once that in the old Soviet Union, you could purchase a chair, but you couldnt have a choice. Whatever you got out of the slave labor camps of Siberia is what you got. Well, isnt it great to live in a free world where you can choose any style, color or material imaginable? This chair celebrates our freedoms with unbridled zest. Not only is it wood, but metal and fabric, too. So you can have it all in one chair that is not only multi-materialed, but stunning to behold. Lenin and Stalin would have opened the U.S.S.R. to capitalism years ago if they knew they could get a chair like this for their own homes.

Item# SD9189

- Fabric or leather upholstery seat cushion. - Molded plywood in armrest and back. - Polished stainless steel frame

Size: W21.35 x D22 x H28 Seat height 17.9"
Selected Color:
Plywood - Walnut
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