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Kali Chair

Item# CH9110A
This chair is simply a remarkable piece of artistry. Made of solid wood, it has a Dolly Parton-esque quality to it. The broad back offers solid and artful support for your back, while the seat frames your posterior with a sensuous upsweep of wood so that you feel safe and secure. The wood legs are rock solid and surprisingly nimble, considering the work they have cut out for them. If you enjoy the beauty of all wood, you will absolutely adore this chair, either in your office or home. It is truly a match made in heaven for wood-lovers everywhere.

About the quality of our woods

Item# CH9110A

-Four impeccably crafted, virtually indestructible outstanding quality 7 plywood legs Classically proportioned sleek molded veneer plywood seat with style and grace Timeless design made to our highest standards with intricate detailing Carefully tested, luxuriously handcrafted, smooth, flawless elements

Size: L20.4 X W18.1 X H32.0
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