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Sumati Armchair

Item# CH7201
What is with furniture designers who don't design furniture for the human body? If you've ever tried to balance your arm on a sliver thin armrest, then you know what we mean. Might as well be made with swords, the edges are so sharp. Obviously, the smart people who design our furnishings realized this shortcoming. The arms of this are broad and welcoming. They support your forearm perfectly, from the tip of your funny bone to the terminus at your wrist. You'll never feel your arm go numb again.

About the quality of our woods

Item# CH7201

-Stunningly upholstered elegant fade-resistant seat cover that comes in many sensuous colors -Grand selection of high quality, finely textured plywood legs: American Maple, American Walnut, White Oak, Ash, Beech, Birch -High density resiliency foam folds the seat for impeccable comfort -Meticulously handcrafted , quality controlled and virtually indestructible parts -No assembly required

Size: W 27.75 x d 25.2 x h 33.45
Selected Color:
American Walnut Natural
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