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Skala modern bookcase/cabinet

Item# LC79+LC80+LC81 SET
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Whether you're a lover of knickknacks or a collector of bric-a-brac, you'll love this handsome display case. Within its cavernous cubbies you'll find plenty of space to display your most prized and rare artifacts, first edition books and fine sculptures. It will even accommodate that lovely, though somewhat lumpy, ashtray you made in elementary school. And if you don't want others to know you still have that craft project from 2nd Grade, hide it in the doored unit below until everyone leaves. No one will ever know! Skala - Modern Bookcase / Cabinet - Storage - Living room Furniture

Item# LC79+LC80+LC81 SET

This cabinet can purchased at a set or sold as individual items. Modules measurements by item #: Complete set item #LC79+LC80+LC81 SET Lower LC79: L23.6 x W12.9 x H39.3 Middle LC80: L23.6 x W12.9 x H51.6 Higher LC81: L23.6 x W12.9 x H63.8

Size: L70.8 X12.9 X H63.8
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