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Crystal Pendant Lamp

Item# LA-MD70047-18L
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Crystal chandeliers don't have to be stuffy affairs. While you can still purchase huge chandeliers laden with crystals, not every home can handle one. Yet it's hard to argue with the beauty of leaded crystal. Thankfully, there's choice in our great land. Savvy designers have found ways to blend the old with the new, giving a fresh look to a traditional classic. This lovely crystal chandelier is contemporary in its styling. The individually crafted crystals hang from a central rod. Intermingled are the lights, which cause the crystals to glisten and glow in ever changing ways. This wonderful chandelier offers the sophisticated elegance homeowner's crave.

Item# LA-MD70047-18L

-Finish: Crystal + PVC Shade Bulb: 18*E14

Size: Ã�ï&Acir
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