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Classica Ceiling Lamp

Item# LA-MX10112-4-650
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Before electricity, folks created chandeliers using candles. Perhaps they should have called them chandeliers instead. While necessity is the mother of invention, one can't help but wonder about all the mess of candles dripping wax everywhere, let alone the fire hazard. Our ode to candle chandeliers captures the all the beauty of burning candles without the muss and fuss. The crystal candles hang magically in mid air. The flame like lights cast a beautiful glow through the room, not only from above, but through the clear candlestick as well. It is charming in its simplicity and hypnotic in design.

Item# LA-MX10112-4-650

-Material: Glass, Crystal and Stainless Steel - Bulb: GU10 4x50W

Size: L47 X W 25.6
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