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Helios Wall Clock

Item# CW01
The sun has always been an inspiration when it comes to keeping track of the time. After all, our trip around the sun is why we have 24 hours in a day. So, its no surprise that timepieces have also paid homage to this bright orb. Sundials come to mind of course. But they depend on the light of the sun and a sunny day. Not a big help when its cloudy or after sunset. This doesnt need its namesake to keep exacting time for you day and night. Enjoy its radiant points of luminescent light, which help mark the passage of the minutes and hours. Best of all, no sun block needed to see what time it is Helios Wall Clock // Clocks"

Item# CW01

- Cooper Sheet - CE quartz movement - One aa battery

Size: � 30 x d 4
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