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Modern coffee tables, round coffee tables and square coffee tables


If it weren't for the popularity of tea, coffee tables would have never found their way into modern homes. At the height of the tea-drinking craze in Britain, a new low table where Brits could put their cups came into being. The tea table became the modern coffee table during the Arts and Crafts movement. Next time you play trivia you can thank designer E.W. Godwin for the fact that we don't have "tea table books" on our tea tables and can instead enjoy the low slung, versatile coffee table we've come to love today.

Coffee Table tips:

Since the very beginning of the Modernist movement, designers have been particularly drawn to the coffee table and end table as a place to experiment with new designs and materials. Here are some helpful tips so you can make the most of your coffee tables:

  • The Glass Coffee Table is a classic in modern furniture. Most glass coffee tables have tempered glass to prevent breakage and add strength. But if it's not specifically mentioned, be sure to ask.
  • When shopping for a round coffee table, square coffee table or oval coffee table, consider the furnishings that will surround it. Visually these are all grouped together and should complement one another.
  • If you like a piece that is as much a work of art as a coffee table or end table, consider a signature creation from one of the great modern designers such as van der Rohe, Gray or the Eames brothers.

When it comes to coffee tables don't be shy about making a statement with the design. Modern furniture is not only functional, but fun as well.